About Us

MenoClarity is a group of people concerned about prevailing negative narratives and overblown or even incorrect information around menopause and women aging. We're delighted that menopause is coming out of the shadows and people are both talking about it and finding more information. However, we feel the pendulum has, at times, swung too far in the direction of negativity and one (medical) solution for all. We are concerned about the over-medicalization of the menopause transition and the prevailing climate of fear.

We have come together to effect change and bring more balance to the menopause conversation. We seek to challenge accepted ideas around menopause and female aging, provide context to statistics quoted, do our own research when appropriate, and present positive images of women during and post menopause.

  We generally refer to women at midlife throughout our site, but are aware of the need to consider all people who go through menopause, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or age. You can find additional resources here.

MenoClarity is a not-for-profit educational forum with no paid affiliations.

Who We Are


Pat Duckworth is an author, broadcaster and Founder of Smarter Menopause. She's a Women’s Health and Workplace Menopause Strategist specialising in working with businesses and organisations who are committed to supporting women colleagues at menopause.

After a long and successful career in the UK Civil Service she realised she was so unwell that life had to change. She retrained as a therapist and coach and wrote her first book Hot Women, Cool Solutions. She works with organisations and individuals to improve the menopause experience for all. 


Catherine Harland is the Menopause Mentor. After 30 years in the corporate world at board level combined with 14 years of challenging menopausal symptoms, she trained to become a menopause coach and workplace training provider. She is passionate about making a difference.

She understands how difficult menopause can be for both employees and employers.
Understanding what it is, how it impacts all employees, being able to talk about it and having access to the right support is vital. She conducts menopause workplace training and is a regular speaker on this topic in the media, especially in the North East of England. 


Joyce Harper is Professor of Reproductive Science at the Institute for Women’s Health, University College London. She is head of the Reproductive Science and Society Group and leads the International Women’s Day events at the Institute.

She is passionate about education and discussion of all aspects of women’s health but especially at three key stages: the menstrual cycle, the fertile years and the menopause.

Her latest book – Your Fertile Years – was published in 2021. She is founder of Reproductive Health at Work and the International Fertility Education Initiative and co-founder of the UK Fertility Education Initiative.


Dr Liz O’Riordan is an international speaker, broadcaster and award-winning co-author of ‘The Complete Guide to Breast Cancer’.

In 2015 (aged 40) she was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer whilst working as a Consultant Breast Surgeon. Her life changed dramatically.  Her blog and social media posts are a source of support for thousands of women. She's particularly passionate about ensuring women have the correct information about what can help and what can exacerbate their cancer prognosis.


Rachel Lankester is the founder of Magnificent Midlife, an online hub helping women over 40 thrive through the often messy middle of life. She's the author of Magnificent Midlife: Transform Your Middle Years, Menopause and Beyond and host of the Magnificent Midlife Podcast. 

She’s also the editor of The Mutton Club online magazine for women 40+. Rachel's midlife reinvention came after a long career in financial communications which took her all over the world, including 3 years working in New York and also as communications manager for a FTSE 100 company. 


Clarissa Kristjansson is a menopause holistic health expert. She's an author and the Thriving Through Menopause podcast host. She specializes in burnout and perimenopause.

Through a hybrid of traditional Chinese medicine, mindfulness and life coaching, paired with 30 years of corporate experience driving behavioural change and a scientific background in nutrition and neuroscience, she helps empower women to take back control of their own health and healing and to ride the waves of changing hormones with confidence and compassion.


Kate is the author of Second Spring: the self-care guide to menopause. Published by Harper Collins, it’s the first book to give a psychological map for menopause, one of the top ten self-help books of 2022 according to The Independent.  

Kate mentors people in perimenopause and beyond, 1-2-1 online, runs groups, nature-based Yoga Nidra sessions, hosts Life - An Inside Job podcast, has been a therapist for 30 years and creates multi-level art textile projects. When she’s not doing these things you’ll find her playing in her compost heaps.


Ann Marie McQueen is a journalist with 25 years of experience covering health, wellness, science and more, and when she realized she was in perimenopause five years ago, she decided to make this transition her beat. 

She has taken a global view of the subject, building a community of women around the world through her platform Hotflash inc, where she helps people navigate the gaps in the menopause maze, busting narratives and providing context, with a mix of evidence, experience and trusted experts.

Professor Jerilynn Prior

Jerilynn C. Prior BA, MD, FRCPC is a Professor of Endocrinology and Metabolism at the University of British Columbia working on women’s health. She studies menstrual cycles, the effects of ovulation and its disturbances on women’s later life osteoporotic fracture, heart attack and breast cancer risks.


She has studied progesterone as a treatment for hypothalamic (stress related) period disturbances, low bone density, and for hot flushes and night sweats in peri/menopausal women. She is the British Columbia Centre Director of the Canadian Multicentre Osteoporosis Study (CaMos), a 20-year prospective 9-centre population-based bone and general health study and the Scientific Director and Founder of the Centre for Menstrual Cycle and Ovulation Research.

dr sanjana rao

Dr Sanjana Rao Ph.D is a biochemist, a mother and an entrepreneur living in Zurich, Switzerland. She is eager to use her scientific knowledge and expertise to work on projects with social impact particularly in education and health.

As a feminist, she is keen on bringing her passion and enthusiasm to issues that directly impact women’s heath. This has led to the creation of Miyara Women, an online hub focused on midlife health, where women’s opinions and choices lead the way.

tania elfersy

Tania Elfersy is a transformative coach, speaker and award-winning author, specializing in midlife women's health. Tania has spent years researching what causes and what can relieve symptoms associated with perimenopause and menopause. She became free of her own physical and emotional symptoms naturally and simply, through insight alone.

Tania set up The Wiser Woman project in 2015 to help women transform their experience of midlife change. Through her coaching, writing and teaching, Tania focuses on connecting women to the innate brilliance of their bodies, having seen that healing occurs with ease when we relax into the divine intelligence within.

lara briden

Lara Briden is a naturopathic doctor and author of the bestselling perimenopause book Hormone Repair Manual. She has 25 years’ experience in women’s health and sits on several scientific advisory committees, including The Centre for Ovulation and Menstruation Research (CeMCOR) at the University of British Columbia.

She currently has consulting rooms in Christchurch, New Zealand, where she treats women with PCOS, PMS, endometriosis, perimenopause, and many other hormone- and period-related health problems. She personally graduated to menopause two years ago.