Providing evidence-based information about menopause without hype or scaremongering

Who is MenoClarity?

We're a global group of people including authors, doctors, broadcasters, journalists, professionals and academics concerned about negative narratives, and sometimes exaggerated or even incorrect information, associated with the menopause transition. We seek to redress the balance and provide evidence-based information, without hype or scaremongering. We provide context to statistics and review research results. When it comes to menopause we want everyone to be prepared not scared.

Debunking myths

What have you presumed about menopause? Is it true? Or has it just been said so many times, it's become accepted truth? We evaluate what's true and what's myth, so you can make your own decisions. 

Checking data

Seen some scary data? Do you know where it came from? Do you have context for the results publicized? We're going back to the original research source to establish what stands up to  scrutiny and what doesn't.

Questioning narratives

What do you believe about menopause and ageing? Who benefits from you believing a particular narrative? Does this narrative help you? We question negative narratives and seek to redress the balance.

Doing our own analysis around accepted narratives, surveys and 'facts'

We think it's important to explore the context behind scary 'facts'. And to go back to the source to discover whether research done was reputable and stands up to scrutiny. We believe it's important that people have information they can trust, not just scary headlines and dodgy data. 

Providing balanced information to help manage your menopause transition 

HRT can be a godsend for many people but we believe there are many other things to consider when managing our individual menopause transition. We are all different and we each experience menopause differently. Getting a good health baseline is a great place to start.

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Our Aims

  • We want to debunk the myths about menopause
  • We refute the notion of menopause as a hormone deficiency
  • We are reviewing the original research behind certain facts often quoted about menopause and assessing its validity
  • We question the over promotion of HRT as the panacea for all female midlife and ageing ills
  • We promote diet, exercise and lifestyle changes as important to consider when managing the menopause transition
  • We are redressing the frightening narratives about menopause so all those experiencing menopause, and especially younger people, can be prepared not scared
  • We are demonstrating how good life can be post menopause and the value of older women

 We generally refer to women at midlife throughout our site, but are aware of the need to consider all people who go through menopause, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or age. You can find additional resources here.

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